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An Introduction

To help people in distress by analyzing the position of their stars and predicting the future, Astroplus was started by Mr. Sanjeev Anand in the year 1995. In the initial days, my services were free of charge which led me handle & experience 100s of horoscopes. The high pressure also helped me to sharpen the analytical skills and conduct research on the crucial areas like effect of inter-caste marriage in a particular Lagna (Ascendant) and several other permutations and combinations. Today, I am appreciated by clients as the straight forward and effective Feng Shui Consultant.

I am an Expert Vastu Consultant and I strongly believe that our nature, performance, habits and daily activities become better in the positive atmosphere. This is because positive atmosphere calms the mind and make us think properly and deliver better results. With experience of the industry, I arrived at a point where I realized several values of Vastu. It does not change and bring modifications as per Astrological blueprint but reduce the impact of negative indications in one's horoscope and increase the quantum of positive signals. By building the home and keeping the furniture as per its guidelines, one can reduce the negativity and have better growth. Hence, as a Vaastu Consultant I aim to provide the honest and best solutions to you.


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